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You’re Hired! What’s next…?

Congratulations! You have just been hired to work in Grand Cayman for the first time! Whether you have found employment while vacationing or completed the interview process while at home the rule is the same; you should not travel to or be in the Cayman Islands while your work permit is being processed.

As per the Entry and Landing Requirements for Grand Cayman (immigration.gov.ky), it is not prohibited to look for employment while being in the Cayman Islands as a visitor. However, if you have been hired while being on the Island, you must leave Grand Cayman while your work permit is in process. If you do not, your work permit application will not be considered and therefore refused. However, the Chief Immigration Officer and Immigration Boards may grant the permit if under special circumstances. The main thing to remember is that you cannot have a work permit application processed for you if you are in the Cayman Islands on a tourist visa. It is best to plan to return home and await the outcome of your work permit.

If you have gained employment in Grand Cayman while overseas, it is advised to remain off the Islands until you work permit has been approved. Therefore, it is best to plan your travel arrangements after your work permit has been approved to avoid any complications of arriving in the Cayman Islands without a valid work permit.

I know the excitement of working and playing in the Cayman sun can make it difficult to stay away but keep in mind if you follow these rules in a few weeks time you’ll be able to work on your tan and your career!

Until Next Time