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Spouse of a Caymanian – Wedding Present from the CI Government!

So, as some of you may know, I got married last month to a great man and my best friend. As it happens, he is also Caymanian. I have submitted my application for my Residency & Employment Rights Certificate, which I am confidant will be approved any day now. Along with the approval comes a wonderful wedding present from the CI Government. Are you ready for it?… wait for it…. CI$6, 000 worth of imported goods for one year…DUTY FREE!

My first thought was “I’m importing a brand new car”, as let’s face it, the value of vehicles in relation to quality for a car is simply not worth it in Cayman. But, unfortunately it’s on everything except importing a vehicle. However, the possibilities are endless… shoes and bags and jeans …Oh my!

So, I must continue filling up my online shopping cart with BeachBunny Swimwear and AirJordans for my man. Or, perhaps, I should be planning us a shopping trip to NYC!

Until next time :)