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What We Offer

What We Offer


Cayman's leading employers depend on Baraud's extensive connections with local and international talent. Partly a result of 20 years of being the leading Cayman recruitment consultancy, and partly from being the market's top recruitment advertiser, Baraud is where top employers and candidates connect. Ethical, expert and empathetic, Baraud is ready to handle your critical recruitment challenge.

Executive and Permanent Placement

Whichever side of the recruitment divide you're on, you need an expert to manage the process. The Baraud process is designed to ensure the best fit, with the best possible long-term outcome for both candidate and employee. From advertising, job specification, screening and interview to job offer, negotiation and contracts, Baraud knows how to make each step painless and easy for you.

Temporary Placement

Temporary-to-hire is proving to be the solution of choice for employers across all sectors in the Cayman Islands. Usually based on a job performance over a working period of 90 to 180 days, Temp-to-hire can be the cost and time-efficient way for managers to solve complex staffing challenges within dynamic workplaces. Baraud maintains a sizeable resource of talented temporary staff who are ready to deploy within extremely short timeframes.

Immigration Outsourcing

Often fraught and stressful, Immigration issues are something Baraud can successfully take off your hands. With a lead consultant who is a current member of the Immigration Review Team and has served as a founding member of the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, you'll find us well-placed to manage a wide range of Immigration-related tasks, including Temporary and Work Permit Grants and Renewal Applications, Permanent Residency, Naturalisation and Caymanian Status applications. A thorough knowledge of the laws, policies and procedures along with friendly working relationships with the key officials in the Immigration Department are all advantages that Baraud brings to managing your Immigration challenges.