Learn how you could earn up to $500 simply by referring your friend to Baraud. Learn More

Earn Cash for Referring a Friend

Refer a friend and if we find them a job, you’ll receive up to $500 cash as a thank you.

It’s easy to do, just email us with the information required below, and we’ll do the rest.

Even if we don’t place your friend, simply for recommending them to us we’ll enter you into a quarterly prize draw to win a $100 Camana Bay gift card.

If we do find the perfect job for your friend, you could receive up to $500 cash as a thank you. The amount you receive depends on how much your friend is paid for their job, as detailed below:

Annual Salary Bands

• Up to $25k = $100

• $25k-$50k = $200

• $50k-$75k = $300

• $75k-$100k = $400

• $100k+ = $500

We can’t wait to receive your referral, and good luck in the quarterly prize draw!


1. The referred friend must not already be known to or registered with Baraud on the date of the referral.

2. A successful referral, resulting in a cash thank you payment, requires the following: a) a candidate not previously known to, or registered with Baraud; b) be successful in gaining permanent employment through Baraud resulting in a fee to Baraud, paid by the employer; c) a candidate must be aware that they are being referred to Baraud

3. You can make as many referrals as you like. As long as the person you’re referring isn’t already registered with Baraud, you’ll be entered into the Quarterly Prize Draw each time. And for each referral that results in a successful permanent placement, you’ll receive the cash thank you.

4. The quarterly prize draw will be made at the start of each quarter by a member of the Baraud team: January, April, July & October.

5. The winner of the Quarterly Prize Draw will be notified via email and will be required to come to the Baraud offices to claim their prize.

6. The recipient of the cash thank you will be notified via email, once the candidate starts work in their new job and Baraud has received payment from the employer, and will be required to come to the Baraud offices to claim their prize.

7. There is no cash alternative to the $100 Camana Bay Gift Card offered as a prize in the Quarterly Draw.

8. The winner of the Quarterly Prize Draw and any person receiving a cash thank you agrees to any photographs taken at the time of the award being received. These photographs, as well as their name may be used for promotional purposes on Baraud.com or on social media networks.

How to Enter

Please email recruitment@baraud.com with the subject line ‘Referral Program’ and the following information. We will then be in contact with you and your friend.

• Your Name

• Your Email

• Referral's name

• Referral's Job Title

• Referral's Email

• Referral's resume

• Referral's phone number