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Most Common Mistakes Made on Work Permit Applications

Hey guys:

Just wanted to talk to you a little about the most common mistakes we here at Baraud encounter when preparing work permit applications. One that definitely tops the list is the accommodation form, which is a requirement for all grant and renewal applications. It is a MUST to include the block and parcel number for your place of residence. “N/A” is not an answer. Every property on the Island is assigned a block and parcel number. Your landlord’s signature is also a requirement. If your landlord is unavailable or off-Island, a property manager’s signature will suffice. If you own the property, then your signature is required on both the “employee” and “landlord” lines. If there is no signature on the “landlord” line of the accommodation form, the work permit application will not be accepted!

Another mistake we commonly see regards the photographs. All photographs must be passport sized and on a WHITE background. Gray, blue, or any other tints are unacceptable. Your full name and birth date must be PRINTED on the back of each photo. The photograph must be in color and taken within the past 12 months, full face (shoulders and above), with no head covering. The photograph should be un-mounted and printed on normal photographic paper with the resolution being at least 800 dots per square inch; blurred photographs will not be accepted. See below for the size requirements:

  • The photograph size should be between 45mm by 35mm (1.77 inches by 1.38 inches) and 63mm by 50mm (2.5 inches by 2 inches).

Finally, please ensure that you have filled out the application COMPLETELY. Don’t leave questions blank. If you do not fully understand what they’re asking, ask us. That’s what we’re here for. If a question does not apply to you, simply put “n/a”.

These are just a few of the most common mistakes people make when filling out work permit applications. Hope this helped to clarify and help answer some of your questions!