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“I love Recruiters” – Said no one, ever. Until now….

The recruitment industry has an undeniably poor reputation: under-respected at best, loathed at worst.

So loathed, in fact; that people (strangers and friends alike, by the way) have literally said – To.My.Face – that they hate recruiters: inappropriate at best, downright rude at worst. But, whatever. Fortunately, I’m at the stage in my life where other peoples’ opinion of me don’t affect me, provided I’m happy with my opinion of me.

Sure, there are some crap Recruiters. There are crap everythings out there!

For those of you who actually let their hatred of recruiters adversely affect your day, here’s a couple of tips which may go a long way to alleviate your stress;

1. If you don’t want to be contacted about positions you’re suitable for, don’t set your Linkedin to “interested in career opportunities”.
2. Don’t apply for jobs for which you hold none of the requisite qualifications and become disgruntled when you’re not getting a call back. Most of this anger and frustration actually stems from a misunderstanding from what it is Recruiters do: we work for, and are accountable to, our Managers and our clients (hiring-companies), not our candidates. In order to properly look-after our clients and those candidate who do qualify for the role, most recruiters simply and legitimately do not have the time to also call back applicants who pursue positions for which they do not meet the requirements.
3. Choose an experienced Recruiter – they know their stuff, they know their specialization and they’re still employed by the same Agency because of it.

I ended up working in recruitment by accident, for want of a better word. And, many recruiters will have a similar story. At University I studied Law and Accountancy, having always had the intention to qualify as a Lawyer. Not because this was ever my burning passion, but because for as long as I can remember, my parents and all the adults of influence in my life had told me “You should be a lawyer, Gill.”

I quickly came to realize, having sat the first set of my professional qualifying entrance exams and while working in a Legal Firm to gain experience, that Gill definitely should not be a Lawyer. It didn’t interest me, it didn’t engage me. And, even though still really only a kid at the time, I knew enough to know that signing up for a lifetime in a role you hate is nothing but a recipe for misery. Still, I had sat and passed 4 exams of 8 and – and being a bit OCD about finishing things – I finished out the next 4 too.

But, then what to do?

I did exactly what almost everyone does at some stage in their lives – I lashed my CV at every job being advertised at every agency in town in the hope that my dream job would fall into my lap! And, you know what – it did! The Agency I began my career with called me later that afternoon – Although I had applied for a role they were advertising on behalf of one of their clients, they invited me to interview for a position with them and I got the job!

So, what is it I love about being a Recruiter?

Here goes….

There’s nowhere to hide. I like to work hard, and I like the people around me to work hard too. I like to work with people who know their stuff and pull their weight. Not placing people and not satisfying client requirements is a sackable offence, guys! No better way to separate the men from the boys. There is no place for passengers in a recruitment agency, particularly a small one. And, that’s just how I like it!

I also like working towards targets and achieving them. It’s the way I’m built and it motivates me. If your work doesn’t motivate you – what are you doing there?

I get to be part of the full life cycle of the process I work in, and don’t just feel like a cog in a wheel. The life-cycle looks like this, for anyone who is interested;

  • Client engages the Recruiter to assist on a vacancy
  • Recruiter begins searching, sourcing and selecting
  • Recruiter looks after candidate prep, interview coordination and administration
  • Recruiter works with the client and the candidate on negotiating and closing the offer.

The people. Recruiters are good company and they tend to have a great sense of humour. It’s the type of job that can swallow you whole, if you dont.

There’s a feel good factor in a job well done. The job search is a difficult and stressful process, it can be brutal and it can be full of disappointment. Placing someone in a role where you know they’re going to love it and be fantastic is actually pretty awesome! We spend so much of our lives at work. You NEED to love your job.

And, if you do; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I certainly don’t.