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Finding the perfect job in the Cayman Islands

This could be you walking down Seven Mile Beach!

This could be you walking down Seven Mile Beach!

It’s a grey, dark day and the freezing rain has started again and is making you feel blue. You are thinking about finding the perfect job in the Cayman Islands. You question what life is about. You worked so hard to get your professional qualifications and then to pay off your student loans and yet here you are, leaving home in the dark and returning home in the dark. You have to shovel snow, then commute in awful traffic……and you can’t help but question….surely there is more to life than this?

Well the good news is that if you are a professional in the financial services sector, there are plenty of career opportunities for you in the Cayman Islands.  The Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory, nestled in the Western Caribbean between Jamaica and Cuba and only 1 hour’s flight from Miami, 3 from NYC and 3 ½ from Toronto. There are also direct flights on BA to London several times a week.  It is one of the leading International Financial Centres (IFCs) in the world, and the hedge fund industry’s jurisdiction of choice. Each of the Big Four global accounting firms have a large presence here, along with major international banks and global law firms.

Cayman is currently booming and experiencing massive growth. It is blessed with a warm climate year-round, amazing beaches, turquoise warm waters and is both the culinary capital and SCUBA diving capital of the Caribbean. The population is around 60,000 people, of which about half are expats from far-reaching corners of the globe, who are working here.  The Caymanian people are a wonderful, friendly and welcoming people and Cayman provides a great outdoorsy lifestyle.  And, did we mention that your compensation in Cayman is TAX FREE? What’s not to love?

On speaking to many expats who have come to live and work in Cayman they say that having worked offshore and having that experience on the resumes, has also helped catapult their careers.

If you are willing to take the plunge and throw the snow blower away to pursue new career opportunities on an amazing Caribbean island in the sun, then reach out to Baraud now, as our team can help. www.baraud.com or recruitment@baraud.com