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A Comprehensive Range Of Recruitment Services For Employers

A Comprehensive Range Of Recruitment Services For Employers

A Comprehensive Range Of Recruitment Services For Employers


Since 1992, leading firms across Cayman's private sector have recognised Baraud’s excellence in providing a comprehensive range of recruitment services for employers. Enterprises like yours look to Baraud for temporary staffing coverage during vacations, planned leaves, illness or special projects and equally, as a provider of key resources for the placement of full-time personnel.

As a client, you enjoy a highly tailored and responsive service that's focused on providing strategic staffing solutions. Your company’s specific needs are matched with our candidate's technical and interpersonal skills through the evaluation of our qualified and professional expert recruitment consultants.

You can expect outstanding results on a consistent basis from Baraud's expertise and methodology whether it's through salary surveys, benefit analysis of similar size organisations or management of your recruitment advertising. When it relates to Immigration matters, Baraud is second to none; our consultants will represent you and manage the recruitment process and right through every immigration task.

How We Work

Whether it’s search and recruitment for permanent positions, temporary staffing, outsourced payroll, or resolving a tricky immigration issue, your case benefits from Baraud's exacting and proven methodology. Developed over more than 25 years, the Baraud process is applied to every matter we handle.

But we also recognise that process can only do so much; which is why clients consistently recognise Baraud's pragmatic and responsive approach.