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Dress for Success

Interviews can be tricky things. There’s so much to prepare for how you dress is often the last thing that you think about. This is understandable however the initial impression you make with your appearance is vital.

Many companies have a dress code with professional services businesses usually being the most corporate. That said when it comes to a job interview it is essential to present yourself in the best light possible (regardless of the company’s own dress code) and how you dress is key to this. Make sure you are smartly attired and well groomed to ensure you look your very best. An interview is not the time to look like you’re heading to the beach or to a nightclub!


  • Gents: although in this climate a suit jacket is not necessary do ensure your trousers are tailored, your shirt is smart and that you are wearing a tie.
  • Ladies: a trouser or skirt suit is most acceptable as is a dress but if straying from the traditional ‘suit’ look make sure the dress is office appropriate.
  • Ensure your shoes are well maintained and polished.
  • Make sure your clothes are clean and ironed.


  • Wear jeans or shorts.
  • Have a short hemline – a skirt to the knee is as a short as it should get (regardless of how good your legs are).
  • Show cleavage – ever.
  • Wear flip flops or casual footwear and take the sunglasses off your head.
  • Wear clothes in fussy prints and bright colours – understated is best.

Well groomed candidates (elegant jewellery, clean nails, styled hair and make-up are key to this also) instill confidence in an employer that as you have taken pride in your appearance chances are you will take the same care with your work.

Being polished will give you extra confidence which may be just the boost you need. This is your chance to shine, don’t let your outfit steal any of your thunder!