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Cross your t’s & dot your i’s

Have you ever waited in line at the Immigration Department to finally have your number called after a long two hour wait just to be told that they cannot accept your application because you forgot to translate your birth certificate or police clearance? Or that your employee forgot to check the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ box on number 18 of the Work Permit Grant Application Form? Or that your employer forgot to sign your Accommodation form? Paying attention to detail while completing Immigration forms can save you a lot of time and hassle. As your Immigration Consultant, I will share with you some of the most common errors made while completing Immigration applications.

Incorrect Forms:

There are so many different types of Immigration forms that sometimes it is difficult to know which one you should fill out. For example, there is the ‘Business Staffing Plan Board – Application for the Grant of a Work Permit’ and the ‘Work Permit Board – Application for the Grant of a Work Permit Grant’. It is evident that one can be mistaken for the other but, unfortunately these forms are not interchangeable. A simple mistake like this can result in the application being deferred or refused.

Incomplete Forms:

Forgetting to fill in a field on the application form is probably the most common mistake. Applicants often overlook questions or simply forget to sign their name or tick the appropriate box. An error which surfaces quite often is forgetting to indicate the ‘Block & Parcel’ number on the Accommodation form. This simple oversight could result in your application being rejected at the counter only to have to pull another ticket, or come back tomorrow. So make sure all boxes are checked and all questions that may not apply are marked with ‘N/A’ and all dotted lines are signed and dated. Getting someone to look over your application form is always a good idea. Two sets of eyes are often better than one!

Incomplete/Missing Documents:

An example of an incomplete document would be forgetting to translate a document into English or notarizing a document. However, the part to look out for is even if your document has been translated, Cayman Island Immigration will only accept the translation if it is done by a local certified translator (Baraud offers this service!). Not providing the correct format of documents is a common mistake many applicants make and can result in processing delays. Also, requested documents may not always be clear, so make sure to inquire with an Immigration Consultant or with the Immigration Department before submitting your application.

Wrong fee amount:

Applicants must ensure that all government processing fees are correct or the application may be returned at the counter. Immigration fees can often change – just like they have this week! If you are unsure about the correct fee you can obtain the Immigration Regulations, 2012 online which provides the fee amounts per industry and job title.

There are many different types of immigration forms and so many different criteria to be met that we often overlook things during the application process. Even the smallest mistake can result in the application being deferred or refused. It is important to reference the Immigration checklists on the back of each application or to simply inform yourself if you are uncertain. So next time you need to head to immigration go prepared and don’t forget to ‘cross your t’s and dot your i’s”!

Until next time!