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CI Corporate Summer Mixed Touch League is Here!

It’s that time of the year again….Where guys and girls get together and play RUBGY??

Yes that’s right Rugby….well Touch Rugby to be exact!! Compared to the more traditional form of Rugby, touch has a number of differences and is mostly loved for its simplicity. Very little equipment is needed, the rules are easy to learn, and with no tackling the risk of injury is much less. What makes it even more interesting is that the teams are mixed with three guys and three girls on the pitch at any one time.

The basic principles of the game are simple – run forwards, pass backwards and each team attempts to advance the ball up the field to score a try (although there are quite a few rules that need to be remembered – which most of us at Baraud being first time players are still trying to get the hang of). When an opponent touches you (on any part of the body, clothing or ball) you have to stop and start the next phase, you get six touches and if a try isn’t scored then the ball gets turned over and the opposition have a go.

The Summer Touch Rugby League is now in its eleventh year and this year they have had more teams than ever –thirty teams, spread over the competitive and social divisions. It is a game for all levels, whether you are a seasoned rugby player looking to improve on your rugby skills, or new to the sport and want to find a good way of learning the basics, touch rugby is for you. It also a great way of getting or staying fit over the summer, and having fun at the same time.

This year for the very first time, Baraud has decided to take part in the Corporate Summer Mixed Touch Rugby League!

After playing a seeding match last week to determine which division we were best suited to (to be honest there was no worry of us being put in the competitive division, with most of us being new to the game), it was finally time for our first official match yesterday, against UBS. After a few hiccups and confusions with the rules, we finally started to get a hang of it, and even managed to score a couple of tries thanks to Neville and Andre, who with their fast pace managed to get past the UBS team defence. With a final score of 2-2, we can say that we had a very positive start, and it has made is even more determined to win our next match against Appleby on Saturday!