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15 things I’ve learned so far…

If you deserve it, you can have it. There’s only one way worth doing things; the right way. An honest day’s work is and honest day’s work. It doesn’t matter if your collar is white or blue. Don’t waste food.

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Need to Share a Work Permit with Other Employers? Here’s how …

Work permits including temporaries and full work permit grants can be shared between employers. To share a valid work permit, it must be clear on the application that this work permit is being shared. The application must also specify who

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The Headhunting of today, Executive Search

The practice of removing or decapitating the entire head of a human being has been practiced across Africa, India, Asia and Eastern Europe as late as 1912. Montenegro the pearl of the Adriatic had the last European documented cases circa

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Managing Generation Y Employees

In the current economy employers are enjoying a buyer’s market for talent, as there are simply more people than there are jobs. Companies will though be needing more employees as they grow to pre-recession size and beyond as the boomers

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Negotiating the job offer; Are you asking for what you want or what you need?

More often than not, when I present a candidate with an offer, the first thing they will look to negotiate (if anything) is the salary. However, and this constantly surprises me, rarely will a candidate look to negotiate around something

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Off the grid

My wife has consistently accused me of being addicted to my iPhone. On vacation I would need to get somewhere with wifi, waiting anywhere at all, at any time and for anything would give me the opportunity to check my

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Check the Checklist!

As you may know Immigration requirements can change without notice. Therefore, in order to avoid delays in processing your application, it is extremely important to review the checklist for the relevant application to ensure you have provided all documentation required

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Careless is as Careless Does…How Carefully Have You Proofread Your Résumé?

Is that little red line appearing under “curriculum vitae” on your CV? Are you of the belief that an apostrophe is one of the 12 Disciples of Christ? Do you think a semicolon is just a regular colon with an

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