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Category Archives: Recruitment

Managing Generation Y Employees

In the current economy employers are enjoying a buyer’s market for talent, as there are simply more people than there are jobs. Companies will though be needing more employees as they grow to pre-recession size and beyond as the boomers

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Dress for Success

Interviews can be tricky things. There’s so much to prepare for how you dress is often the last thing that you think about. This is understandable however the initial impression you make with your appearance is vital. Many companies have

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Off the grid

My wife has consistently accused me of being addicted to my iPhone. On vacation I would need to get somewhere with wifi, waiting anywhere at all, at any time and for anything would give me the opportunity to check my

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Top Ten Interview Mistakes

With increased competition in the job market, employers are left with a much wider selection of qualified candidates to choose from than in the past. Now more than ever, it is imperative that job seekers put their best foot forward

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CV tips: Help me help you!

I’m often asked by people how they can create the best first impression in order to secure their dream job. I always say the same thing. Make sure your CV (resume) is a document you are proud of and one

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Counter Offers: More than a little Counter Productive

Counter offers have become common place in today’s market, where talent is scarce and candidates are more cautious than ever about their careers and job security. The fact is, finding a replacement for an employee leaving is a time consuming,

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Why would a company consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

I was once told that to engage in the outsourcing of any function is like a married couple engaging the services of a surrogate mother. You firstly have to come to terms with the fact that you cannot perform the

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