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We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Baraud was recently voted as the Best Company in Cayman to Work For in the small-medium business category at the 2015 Top Employer Awards. It’s the 2nd time that our firm has been shortlisted

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Here to Stay – Cayman’s Growing Talent Pool!

JS de Jager, SVP at CSI International Underwriting (Cayman) Ltd., recently spoke to Cayman Captive about the island’s allure, its growing talent pool, and why it may be the most experienced and qualified captive insurance domicile in the world and

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My Proposed Amendment to the Immigration Law….

In the last several weeks, it has come to my attention that several Residency and Employment Rights Certificate (RERC) holders – Spouse of Caymanians have let their certificates expire. So I have thought to myself why is this happening and

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What’s Next After Key!

So you have been designated and approved as a Key Employee? As your next step, you should be thinking about submitting your application for Permanent Residency as soon as you reach your eighth year of being legally and ordinarily resident

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Most Common Mistakes Made on Work Permit Applications

Hey guys: Just wanted to talk to you a little about the most common mistakes we here at Baraud encounter when preparing work permit applications. One that definitely tops the list is the accommodation form, which is a requirement for

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You’re Hired! What’s next…?

Congratulations! You have just been hired to work in Grand Cayman for the first time! Whether you have found employment while vacationing or completed the interview process while at home the rule is the same; you should not travel to

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New Immigration Policy – Visitor’s Work Visa

Hi Everyone! Here’s some info on the new policy of a “Visitor’s Work Visa” that has just been implemented by immigration last month. This new facility will allow certain visitors to the Islands to engage in commercial activities without a

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Cross your t’s & dot your i’s

Have you ever waited in line at the Immigration Department to finally have your number called after a long two hour wait just to be told that they cannot accept your application because you forgot to translate your birth certificate

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