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The Job Blog

The Benefits of Contract Work

Let’s face it—most of us need to work in order to support ourselves financially. For the vast majority of us, this fact is unlikely to change in the coming years, so it makes sense that we’d all be on the lookout for a full-time permanent position—right? While this is certainly a route many people will take, there are some important facts about temporary and contract work that you should consider when looking for your next position.

  • Contract roles can lead to full-time positions – if you’ve proved yourself to be a valuable employee, companies will not want to lose you or the knowledge they’ve imparted onto you; they are much more likely to hire you for the full-time position over someone new onto the scene.
  • Networking – even if the employer you are currently working for isn’t looking to hire a full time position, you more likely to meet someone in your field who is hiring if you’re present.
  • As a contract worker, you are often spared the inter-office drama and politics – as you are only going to be in the office for a short time, you are more likely to be seen as a neutral party.
  • Contract work is flexible – you can choose when and if you want to look for a contract! Need to take a few weeks off for a wedding overseas? You’re much more likely to be able to fit this between contracts than within your 10 days of vacation.
  • Variety – a new contract means new responsibilities; you are less likely to get bored if you get exposed to new things on a regular basis.
  • Exposure and training – the nature of contact work means that you are often at the forefront of something new and exciting being brought into the business! This experience can put you miles ahead of your competition when vying for the next position.
  • Employers prefer people who are in jobs – whether relevant or not, employers tend to prefer to take people who currently in a position. The rationale here is that the best people are already employed! Keep your own ‘employment value’ higher by continuing to work and avoiding large time off gaps in your resume.

Good luck in your job search!