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Negotiating the job offer; Are you asking for what you want or what you need?

More often than not, when I present a candidate with an offer, the first thing they will look to negotiate (if anything) is the salary. However, and this constantly surprises me, rarely will a candidate look to negotiate around something that is arguably just as important; the job title.

Consider this: The job title on your resume today can have a major impact on your employment prospects, when you find yourself exploring the market again, in the future. Hiring managers, HR representatives and Recruiters use your job title to quickly understand how; you fit within your current organization, what you do and your level of knowledge / expertise.

With many Hiring Mangers and Recruiters admitting to spending no more than a couple of minutes reviewing CVs at screening stage, the barrier not having the right title can present to your job search down the line is immeasurable.

So, you see, it’s not necessarily just the numbers that count. An improved job title can prove equally (if not more) valuable to your career on the whole.

But remember, once you’ve settled on the title you want, be sure that you can articulate why it is deserved. This cannot be an emotionally based argument. It must be a factual, well-founded and data-driven negotiation. State your case with confidence; any achievements, experience or educational qualifications which surpass the listed requirements for the position will strengthen your case.

Good luck :-)