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Need to Share a Work Permit with Other Employers? Here’s how …

Work permits including temporaries and full work permit grants can be shared between employers. To share a valid work permit, it must be clear on the application that this work permit is being shared. The application must also specify who will be the Primary Employer and who will be the Secondary Employer. I would also recommend including a letter from each employer confirming that they have no objection to sharing the work permit, state the number of working hours and the wages / salaries that the applicant will receive.

If a work permit is already in place, and a person wishes to work for an additional employer, an amendment application can be submitted to add a secondary employer, or even add a third employer. The requirements will be the same as I discussed above. It is important to note if you are amending a temporary or a full grant as the filing fees will differ for these amendment applications.

If you have any questions regarding adding employer, sharing work permits, or adding employers to your work permits, feel free to contact me, and I would be happy to help.

Till next time, take care.

Eden Jordan