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Getting married in Grand Cayman: As Easy as A, B, C!

My name is Nikeeta and I am Baraud’s legal recruiter. I was born and raised in London and moved to Grand Cayman in March. Ever since my first trip to the Caribbean as a child, I always knew that I wanted to get married on a Caribbean beach. This is mainly because the English weather is extremely unpredictable. My worst nightmare would be to get married in a beautiful dress on a cold and rainy day. If it rains here, at least it is warm and passes quickly. Fingers crossed for the big day! Plus, the coral dress will look gorgeous on a world class beach! Getting married here allows us to invite who we want and avoid all the politics we would have to deal with in England. We can make our own decisions and put our own personal stamp on the wedding. For example, I hate shoes, so we have chosen a barefoot wedding. I cannot tell you how happy I am as I know in any other venue I would have had to wear heels! Nice and simple.

What is better than the sun, sea, and the beautiful white Cayman sand for a wedding venue? No need to wait a year in advance to book like other venues.

I was told that getting married in Cayman is stress free. I have to say, I was sceptical, but it is true. It is just ten days to the wedding day and I feel relaxed, almost horizontal. I know that if I was planning this wedding in any City it would be extremely stressful. There would certainly be more chance of falling out with my groom to be! My friends and family around the world have been shocked at how easy it has been compared to when they planned their weddings. They are jealous!

I have not even needed to take time off work; most things can be done on a lunch break, after work or at weekends. It was only yesterday that I arranged the wedding arch, chairs, chair sashes, bridesmaid’s bouquets and bridal flowers, and all in just a lunch break!

I have been here just six months and I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our new friends on island. I have found an amazing photographer through a friend’s recommendation. The photographer was so enthusiastic; he not only had amazing suggestions, but also great ideas which we have now incorporated into the wedding ceremony. Another friend of a friend has offered to do my nails. I have two amazing friends who did a hair and make-up trial for me at the weekend and I have to say, Max Factor and Nicky Clarke have nothing on them!

I have also been shocked at how cheap and easy it has been to arrange a beach ceremony. Firstly, the beach as a venue is free and so saves thousands of dollars. It is just the Marriage Officer and decorations to pay for. Secondly, companies on island have been extremely accommodating and with a little bit of haggling you can reduce quote prices substantially.

Cayman has amazing jewellery, the staff in all the shops we visited were unbelievably helpful, and they will give you a glass or two of their special Cava, “Champagne”; a great perk when trying on wedding rings!


1. I would advise anyone thinking of getting married in Cayman to firstly contact a Marriage Officer or a Civil Registrar. We are having a civil registry and we highly recommend Joy and Sam Basdeo at Simply Weddings. http://www.cayman-island-weddings.com/.

They will explain the legal requirements which are different for residents and visitors. Joy helped us pick a quiet beach as the wedding is on a Saturday. She has organised thousands of weddings in Cayman and has abundant ideas. Joy will talk to you through every step of the ceremony. They gave us lots of recommendations on the best companies to contact on island.

2. Read Cayman New Resident: http://www.caymannewresident.com/getting-married. It has everything you need to know for planning the big day from legal requirements to where to get your cake and flowers.

3. Listen to people, you will learn a lot. Ask people for referrals and recommendations. If friends offer to help, accept it!

I would highly recommend anyone thinking of getting married to do so in Grand Cayman!