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4 Quick Tips to Elevate your Interview Game

When preparation meets opportunity, success follows.

When job-seeking; the interview is your opportunity to illustrate and utilize your preparation, and realize the opportunity for success in a new role.

To add to your interview preparation arsenal, today I’m including 4 quick tips to elevate your interview game and separate you from the competition;

1. Don’t be too Formal.

While you never want to be too casual, or overly-familiar, being too formal can also be to your detriment in an interview scenario. Part of an interviewer’s goal is always to get to know you better. If you are too formal in your demeanor, it will be difficult for them to get a good sense of you and whether you would fit well into their team. Allow your personality to show. Actively engage and show sincerity. The interview will flow better for everyone.

2. Pay Attention.

Following on from Tip #1, ensure you are watching an interviewer’s cues, so you know when you should or shouldn’t contribute to the conversation. Listen to his or her questions carefully. Make sure you are presenting as attentive, to avoid looking bored (which can happen if the interviewer isn’t communicating in the way you had hoped).

3. Engage with All Interviewers. 

This applies to those called in for a panel interview. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure to look everyone in the eye and acknowledge each of them individually. Regardless of who asks the questions, it is always best to engage with the full panel when answering. The major pitfall candidates can find themselves in when attending panel interview, is only addressing the person who asked the question when answering. This can disengage the other interviewers, when you want to be building rapport across the board.

4. Nail Question Time.

Ask genuine, thoughtful questions – and then make sure you listen as much as you speak!

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