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Back your Strengths; Back yourself.

The older I am getting, the more acutely I am becoming aware of both my strengths and my weaknesses. I am feeling a little less invisible than I was ten years ago, and paying more attention than ever to the course I want this life to take. I don’t think I’m unusual in that. Approaching and coming into my thirties, I expect the coming years to be well-dotted with experiences and pursuits of further self-discovery and awareness.

The topic of strengths and weaknesses frequently comes up in my line of work; interviewing and prepping candidates for interview, it’s par for the course. I believe it’s an area that makes many of us anxious and uncomfortable. We all have strengths, and we all have weaknesses. There’s a certain level of comfort to be taken in that. Many people will also suffer from limiting self beliefs. Just by believing a limiting belief, we do not think, do, or say the things that they inhibit. As a consequence, we impoverish our lives. These are the guys you need to watch out for. These beliefs will be far more destructive to your future, and your potential, than a weakness ever will.

The real question that I have allowed to rattle around in my head, that I have been searching for my own answers to is; Where does my real growth potential lie – Do I drill down on my weaknesses, or do I double down on my strengths? I’ve also realized that every day I allowed to pass without making a call on the above, was a day that I continued to stifle my by best self. So I’ve made the call; I’ll backing my strengths in this game of life. That’s not to say I will ignore my weaknesses. I will continue to learn new things and expand my knowledge base. But, I will never become all consumed by my weak points. Because to only focus on my short-comings, to the neglect of my core strengths, that is to try and be something I’m not. I don’t want to be something I’m not. Nor should you.

I hope you will make 2017 the year you shed your limiting self beliefs, you acknowledge your weaknesses and you double down on your strengths.

Back your strengths; Back yourself. Back your best self.