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Senior Compliance Manager

Title Senior Compliance Manager
Categories Accounting and Auditing, Corporate Services
Salary CI$85,000-110,000
Location Grand Cayman
Job Information

Perform a dedicated compliance function across the group in widely defined role which is not limited to client KYC/AML matters and will encompass compliance considerations around our staff, our companies and our investors and to also take responsibility for current initiatives such as FATCA. Promote and maintain good governance standards within the group.   Keep updated and provide training to staff on compliance operations and procedures.


  • Act as Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO), implement MLRO infrastructure and maintain relevant schedules and logs.
  • Obtain & maintain physical due diligence files on new and existing clients, directors and investors in accordance with CIMA guidelines and AIMCL procedures.
  • Ensure that all key due diligence documentation is also held electronically on file server and indexed to 4Series database.
  • Review and update AML procedures periodically with regular reporting and input from the Directors.
  • Assist and guide Client Service Managers in obtaining due diligence where required information is missing with objective of managing down the number of non-compliant accounts.
  • Co-approve, in conjunction with the Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President – Client Services, all new business accepted by the firm.  Ensure due diligence is complete and procedures for accepting the business have been followed correctly; and where requirements have been waived that there is adequate support and justification.
  • Review all existing client files in order to ensure compliance with their structures and that transactions are supported by relevant documentation and appropriate due diligence is on file.  Raise discrepancies with Client Service Managers, track discrepancies to ensure their resolution and include any concerns in the regular reports to the Directors.
  • Prepare regular reports re outstanding compliance issues to the CEO and the Board of Directors.
  • Monitor and evaluate Internal Client Reviews to ensure Client Service Managers’ understanding of clients is current, and all due diligence is on file.
  • Undertake equivalent but relevant due diligence processes relating to:
    • Investors
    • Staff
    • Financial Institutions (Banks, Investment Managers/Advisors, Custodians)
    • Business Introducers (Legal, Accounting and Investment).
  • Co-ordinate group activity in relation Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and equivalent legislation from other jurisdictions to ensure that the group becomes and remains compliant.
  • Ensure that all specific compliance requirements relating to private placement of the company’s shares are documented and monitored on an ongoing basis and that relevant resources (Data Room/Virtual Room) are available for potential investors.
  • Assist Director of Investor Relations in ensuring that potential investors receive information requested and authorized.
  • Assist the Client Services Team by providing due diligence necessary to establish relationships with other financial services providers (e.g., banks, trust companies, etc.).


The successful candidate will have a legal designation with a minimum of 8 years experience (5 of which should be in a Compliance Manager or similar position). A recognized compliance qualification, e.g. ACAMS or ICA is mandatory. Ability to demonstrate an understanding of different corporate/trust structures and applicable laws in the Cayman Islands.

If interested please apply to gill@baraud.com.

Job Type permanent
Apply to Email gill@baraud.com