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Title HERS / LEED Rater
Categories Senior / Executive Roles
Salary 60,000-75,000
Location Grand Cayman
Job Information


Job Purpose

To conduct energy audits and coordinate energy retrofit work for clients in order to lower overall energy consumption and save them money, and perform the testing and verification requirements of the LEED for Homes program.

Principal Responsibilities

The post holder will be responsible for carrying out the following duties:

1. Respond to customer inquiries and prepare energy audit proposals for potential clients.

2. Plan and schedule projects and audit methodology and procedures.

3. Conduct accurate and detailed energy surveys and analyse energy consumption for residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial customers.

4. Use a variety of diagnostic tests and specialized equipment to perform inspections, including checking heat pump, HVAC and other building systems to ensure that they are working properly, and examining a building's exterior and interior walls with infrared cameras.

5. Liaise with mechanical engineers and other professionals if necessary to analyse the results and prepare technical reports for the clients.

6. Provide building owners and property managers with detailed reports of the tests and their results, advising them as to where the shortfalls and inefficiencies are and how to reduce the amount of energy being wasted.

7. Prepare cost estimates for potential client retrofits and share money-saving tips with others in certain fora.

8. Under the Island Offsets Carbon Program designed for the National Trust of the Cayman Islands, provide a range of audits, from simple walkthroughs to more comprehensive analysis of alternative energy efficiency measures to businesses and schools respectively.

9. Assist in development and implementation of the National Energy Reduction Program (NERP) spearheaded by the firm, specifically in conducting energy audits and coordinating retrofit work.

10. Conduct energy modelling and Manual J & D calculations and prepare reports to satisfy LEED for Homes green building rating requirements.

11. Assist with promotional efforts, namely public appearances on behalf of the company on television or at fairs, conferences or other events, to increase awareness of energy issues and company services.

12. Attend on-island and overseas trade shows relevant to the post holder’s field of expertise.

13. Maintain database of client projects and proposals, and provide billing data when necessary.

14. Other duties as assigned from time-to-time.

Knowledge, Experience, and Skills

The post holder must be a Certified HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Rater and worked for two to three years under the supervision of an experienced energy auditor. Competencies in building science, energy management principles, energy modelling using REM/Rate software, and construction management. Experience in hot-humid climate zone would be advantageous.

The desired individual should be accurate and detail oriented with a high degree of planning, coordination and relationship management The post holder should have good problem-solving and deductive reasoning skills, be persistent and patient with regards to work activities coordinated as part of a team, and be a skilful interpersonal communicator; as much of their time will be spent working directly with clients and other professionals in the field of energy auditing and retrofitting.

A high level of competence in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and visual presentation packages is required. Familiarity with website maintenance would be beneficial.

Assignment and Planning of Work

The post holder will report to the Manager and will undertake duties in accordance with signed energy audits, NERP contracts, and obligations under the Carbon Offset Program, delivering outputs in their respective time-frames. The HERS Rater will generally be governed by the Green Rater on LEED for Homes projects.

Supervision of Others

1. The Energy Auditor does not ordinarily supervise staff but will be required to work closely with other members of the subcontracted company(ies) hired to undertake retrofit work recommended and coordinated by the post holder.

2. The post holder may be required to supervise interns and students as necessary.

Other Working Relationships

Apart from daily interaction with clients, subcontractors, and consultants, the post holder will communicate with the LEED for Homes Green Raters and Quality Assurance Designees, Island Offsets Carbon Program Administrator and National Energy Reduction Program representatives. At times the post holder may be required to liaise with members of the local government agencies, non-government organizations, Cayman Renewable Energy Association, and the media in the promotion of Environmental initiatives and achievements or joint activities in which the company is involved.

Decision Making Authority and Controls

The post holder has decision-making authorities as delegated by the Manager. The post holder will be expected to make decisions with appropriate reference to this job description, signed contract between each client and the firm, and any other relevant company documents (e.g. Employee Handbook, Strategic or Marketing Plans, etc.).

Working Conditions

The position will require division of time between an office and field environment, with the post holder subject to periodic exposure to heat and sun. Energy auditor must be physically fit, prepared to spend much of the day on hands and knees and in small and uncomfortable spaces during some inspections. Work associated with this position may extend to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and other islands with the eventual expansion of energy consulting services, and hence may call for travel. Working irregular hours and on weekends may be required on occasion

Job Type permanent
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