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We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that Baraud was recently voted as the Best Company in Cayman to Work For in the small-medium business category at the 2016 Top Employer Awards. It’s the 2nd time that our firm has been shortlisted

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Back your Strengths; Back yourself.

The older I am getting, the more acutely I am becoming aware of both my strengths and my weaknesses. I am feeling a little less invisible than I was ten years ago, and paying more attention than ever to the

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4 Quick Tips to Elevate your Interview Game

When preparation meets opportunity, success follows. When job-seeking; the interview is your opportunity to illustrate and utilize your preparation, and realize the opportunity for success in a new role. To add to your interview preparation arsenal, today I’m including 4

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Cayman Confidential: What’s the Dress Code?

Earlier this week, I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the Year 11 students of John Gray High School around the subject of “Dress for Success”. The morning was colourful and animated and hopefully somewhat informative for the kids!

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Making your CV work for YOU!

Making your CV work for you It’s that time of year when the end of Busy Season is in sight (almost?…maybe?…might not quite feel like it yet..!) and greener pastures are on the horizon. Problem is…you’re not the only bright

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Your One-Stop Interview Prep Blog!

  First and foremost, it is worth highlighting that top executive recruiters agree that there are only ever 3 true job interview questions. These are; 1. Can you do the job? 2. Will you love the job? 3. Can we

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Let’s get back to basics, shall we?

Finding a job isn’t easy and an employer led market doesn’t help things for those who are either trying to get their foot on the ladder or those who wish to move up to the next wrung. It’s doing the

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Amendments to a Valid Work Permit

Have you ever had the need to amend a work permit? You may ask whether or not a temporary work permit can be amended or whether or not it can be shared with another employer. The answer is YES! You

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Shiny and New at Baraud

I’m Melissa Comparin, the newest member of the Baraud team and a guest blogger of sorts! So my journey started with a vacation to this beautiful country and now here I am working with Baraud… with a few choice details

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Heroes for Hannah – 2nd Annual Head Shave Fundraiser