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Soon to be Spouse of a Caymanian? This blog is for you…

Many of you may not know that I have recently got engaged to my future husband, who is Caymanian. As I am a work permit holder myself, I will need to submit for my Residency & Employment Rights Certificate very soon. I am therefore dedicating this blog to all future spouses of Caymanians!

The spouse of a Caymanian does not require a work permit to reside and work in the Cayman Islands. However, they must apply to obtain a Residency & Employment Rights Certificate (RERC). If you are egger to begin working you may first apply to the Chief Immigration Officer for the grant of a Temporary Residency & Employment Rights Certificate, which you will be required to pay $100 CI when submitting the application. If approved, you will be required to pay the $200 CI fee and you will be entitled to begin working right away in any occupation of your choice. This particular certificate is only valid for 6 months and only takes a few weeks to process.

The next step after you have submitted for your Temporary RERC or first step in applying for your RERC (should you chose not to submit a temporary) is to make a full application to the Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board, with a $300 CI non refundable fee to the CI Government. This application takes longer (few months) to be processed. If approved, your RERC certificate will be valid for seven years (it is renewable) and the issue fee will be $400 CI.

To ensure a complete application for your RERC the following documentation must be submitted (make certain that all documents have been translated, certified and notarized):

  • Two completed Application Forms
  • Cover Letter
  • Application Fee
  • Proof that your spouse is Caymanian
  • Proof of identity
  • Medical Examination Form
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Sworn Affidavit
  • Notarized Birth Certificates
  • Evidence of Financial Resources
  • Photographs
  • Reference letters
  • Details of dependants being added
  • If you have been previously married, provide a copy of your marriage certificate and subsequent divorce decree or death certificate

For information on the checklist, visit the Cayman Islands Department of Immigration website, as they provide full details per required documentation.

Have fun on your wedding day and enjoy your honeymoon, but don’t forget to submit for you RERC!

Until next time,